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Pet Panther


a woman and her pet black panther. Has kind of 1930s/40s influence.

Bull and Dandie Dimont Terriers

terriersBased on an illustration from an old book about dogs

Kampagin Kitty


A large realistic cat statue + a styrofoam boater hat= THIS!





I’m on a roll with these!

Lil’ Lolita

Lil' Lolita

My tribute to the Lolita fashion style from Japan. I love the brightly colored Victorian and Edwardian influenced dresses and accessories.

Garden Unicorn


Sorry, if I haven’t been keeping up, here’s something new for all my fans.

Eastern Crowned Crane

Little Clowness

Little Clowness

Based on Toulouse-Latrec’s paintings of Cha-U-Kao or The Clowness, who was a performer at the Moulin Rouge in the 1890s.

Random the Dog

Random the Dog

A dog I have the acquaintance of IRL. I think she’s a Boston Terrier, but her owner is not sure since she was adopted from the pound. Yes, she is like this in person!



Found a book about Roseville Pottery at work today, I looked up some of the designs, this picture is based on the Freesia line from 1945.

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