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The Banana Splits!

Banana Splits.jpg

Yes, I’m breaking the rules of my site and posting a little bit of fanart! I think it’s one of my best pieces ever and want to share it with everyone! I worked so hard on it!

Characters are property of Hanna-Barbera/Cartoon Network/Time-Warner

Prism Giraffe

Prism Giraffe

Just another weird idea that came from my mind

Tablet Practice

Tablet Practice

Just simple tablet/vector practice from the other day.

The Wise Old Unicorn

The Wise Old Unicorn

A drawing I did of a character idea I had. He’s not an MLP/Modern type unicorn (A horse with a horn) he’s based on the early unicorns, who are more deer/goat-like with a lion-esque tail.

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