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The Mighty Magical Flying Cat-Bat


Came up with this after reading a book about Japanese toys. Uhh, It’s a cat and it flies or something!

Gemini Giant

001 (5)Based on the statue in Wilmington, Illinois on Route 66.

The Banana Splits!

Banana Splits.jpg

Yes, I’m breaking the rules of my site and posting a little bit of fanart! I think it’s one of my best pieces ever and want to share it with everyone! I worked so hard on it!

Characters are property of Hanna-Barbera/Cartoon Network/Time-Warner

Pixelized Rose

Pixelized Rose

another rose drawing, based on a rose in my backyard. This is the yellow sky verison, the blue sky veirson can be found on DeviantArt and Wysp.

Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda

Hello fans, here’s a new one, that I’ve spent quite a while working on! I hope you enjoy it!

The Wacky Wonderful Waterfowl

The Wacky Wonderful Waterfowl

I’m not sure if this is a duck, might be some kind of other waterbird

Prism Giraffe

Prism Giraffe

Just another weird idea that came from my mind

Holiday Message

would like to give a big thank you to my followers and fans all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Russia, Israel, India, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Greece, The Philippines, Singapore, Finland, and Austria.

As the holiday season is fast approaching here in the states. I would love to hear from you and tell me what you think of my artwork. I will take suggestions or requests if you like.

Feel free to buy prints of my selected art from my Etsy store…


Happy Holidays!

The Happiest Little Squirrel

The Happiest Little Squirrel

Wanted to some kind of Charley Harper-like picture and this was the result.

Tablet Practice

Tablet Practice

Just simple tablet/vector practice from the other day.

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