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Queen of Wands


I have now done all 4 queens from the Tarot deck!

Queen of Pentacles

sleepinggem642My latest in my ongoing set of Tarot influenced artwork! This was probably my favorite one to do.

Sweetheart of the Rodeo


Based on the cover the 1968 Byrds album, which in turn was based on a poster by Jo Mora. I would also like to dedicate it to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana!

The Fool


Merry Christmas to my friends and fans around the world, I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the season, I just decided to share it anyway! It’s “The Fool” card from the Tarot deck. I don’t know if I going to do any others though, but if you have a favorite Tarot card that you want me to try and interpret just let me know!

The Girl, The Boy, and the Dog

The Girl, the boy, and the Dog

A new toil of love, based on two figure I saw at a rummage store I work at.



I’m on a roll with these!

Garden Unicorn


Sorry, if I haven’t been keeping up, here’s something new for all my fans.



Another piece of artwork based on a Roseville Pottery line.
This one is 1905’s Woodland

Pair of shoes

Pair of shoes

Based on sketches of two different shoes from the 18th century



Found a book about Roseville Pottery at work today, I looked up some of the designs, this picture is based on the Freesia line from 1945.

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