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Pet Panther


a woman and her pet black panther. Has kind of 1930s/40s influence.



Yes, I drew a “lady” drawing, I haven’t done those in a while! This one was originally inspired by Gibson Girl drawings from the 1890s and 1900s. I called it “Cameo” because I wanted a gemstone or jewelry related name.

Libby the Bull Terrier


Drawing I did, for a friend’s Christmas present of a Bull Terrier that they had recently adopted.

Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda

Hello fans, here’s a new one, that I’ve spent quite a while working on! I hope you enjoy it!



a little something for the holidays, this guy was created after I found it difficult to create a row of toy soldiers in a perfect line.

Queen of Vinyl

This was going to be a Pop’s Resale ad, but I changed my mind.

Eastern Crowned Crane

Scarlet Ibis

Scarlet Ibis

Little Clowness

Little Clowness

Based on Toulouse-Latrec’s paintings of Cha-U-Kao or The Clowness, who was a performer at the Moulin Rouge in the 1890s.

Harry Dean Stanton as a Jester

Harry Dean Stanton as a Jester

Posting it here, in honor of the Harry Dean Stanton festival, on June 13-15 in Lexington Kentucky!

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