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Summer Tangier

001 (6)There’s an Audubon bird clock at one the places I¬†work at and this bird’s song means my shift is over.

The Little Clown Friar of the Atlantic


A new picture of one of my favorite types of birds, the puffin!

The Heron


The Raven Rattle


a new picture for you! Based on a Native American (Masseth or Haida) rattle on display at the Metropolitan Museum of art

Dancing Ibis

Another drawing of this species of bird. I think it’s dancing.

Eastern Crowned Crane

Scarlet Ibis

Scarlet Ibis

The Wacky Wonderful Waterfowl

The Wacky Wonderful Waterfowl

I’m not sure if this is a duck, might be some kind of other waterbird



Silkie Chicken

A new picture based on the Tumblr meme, of the Fluffy Chicken, actually it’s a real breed called a Silkie.

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